10 THOUSAND FEET - Strategic Research
10 THOUSAND FEET - Strategic Research
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    Teams, Brands, CX, Products.

    Our strategic research and advice is always action orientated and transforms the way our clients engage with their communities.
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Are at the heart of everything we do

Our mission is to transform the way our clients engage with their communities and in so doing transform Teams, Brands, CX and Products. Ultimately if we do this well, it will enable us to transform the lives of our clients and the lives of the communities we support through our not-for-profit work.

Ian Krawitz - Founder

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More than Research

Our team geeks out on Marketing and Social Research, but the greatest buzz we get is in seeing insights turn into action. We thrive on seeing how research brings organisations together. We love seeing senior leadership teams align on strategic and tactical decision making through market intelligence. 

Everyday we see clients have aha moments, be surprised by findings,  and equally have their gut feelings confirmed, so they can de-risk and act with confidence in investing time and money in the right places. 

Ultimately we are here to support you in staying ahead of and transforming markets.

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We know that teams are at the heart of any organisational transformation.  Everything flows off having a team that will do anything for each other. Our employee, franchisee, reseller and supplier satisfaction surveys give you the framework and tactics to accelerate your growth.


Customers are the lifeblood or your organisation. It is far more expensive to advertise to acquire a new customer, than keep existing customers satisfied. Our customer journey mapping, segmentation, satisfaction,  review and reputation management and community management solutions enable you to better understand your customers' needs, measure customer experience and authentically engage at every touch point.


Consumers want to have authentic relationships with brands. To do so, they need to know you, know what you stand for and how you differ to other brands in the market. Our brand, pre and post campaign and comms surveys examine the gravitational pull your brand has with  different parts of your target audience. We show you where and how to improve.

Product Development

Organisations die, live or thrive based on their ability to know which products/services to invest in. You might have a product that is growing, but what if it is under performing the growth of the market? You might have a service which if it falls short will see you lose the confidence of your reseller channel for good. Our Usage and Attitude, NPD, Sales Tracking and Market Sizing solutions give you the confidence to know what to invest in, how to refine your offer and which similar brands to keep a close eye on.


With a dedicated project manager and senior consultant on every project, we make your experience an easy one. We will keep you informed every step of the way and provide the insights you need to make better, more informed decisions.

Our team takes the time to understand your research objectives and how they fit in with your organisation's priorities and goals.

We keep these top of mind from research design right through to delivering the 'So What' in presenting insights.

We’ve helped other clients transform their organisations and would love to be part of your story.

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